14 October 2019

Pupillage Proposals 2019

We have written to key stakeholders to ask whether it should be made mandatory for Chambers and other Authorised Education and Training Organisations (AETOs) providing the pupillage / work-based learning component of Bar training to bring their recruitment timetable into line with the Pupillage Gateway.

Currently, the Gateway timetable is between November and May. All pupillages must currently be advertised on the Gateway but we believe that obliging all those offering pupillage to recruit to the same timetable would make recruitment fairer for all candidates.

We are also asking for views on whether written agreements between pupils and AETOs should be compulsory, so that both the AETO and the pupil have a clearer record of what is expected of them.

You can read more about our proposals for changing the arrangements for the recruitment and advertising of pupillage on our website.

All views should be submitted to us by 5pm on Wednesday 31 July 2019.