3 Jul 2020

Our evidence is that the vast majority of students are now booking their exams successfully.

In the very difficult circumstances created by the current health emergency, we have worked tirelessly with the BPTC providers to provide solutions that will meet students’ needs.

The standard computer-based solution (either at a test centre or through remote proctoring) will suit a large number of students. Booking for remote proctoring is already open, booking for test centres will open later to allow us to prioritise those who need reasonable adjustments.

Another very significant number will have their needs fully met by adjustments that can be arranged within that system, eg extra time, rest breaks, eating, the need for a separate room etc. These bookings have to be handled differently to ensure that the right adjustments are made.

But we completely understand that a small number of students have needs that cannot be met by any computer-based solution and that those students need to have bespoke arrangements, which providers are in the process of arranging, in consultation with those students and us, wherever this can be done.

No student should be asked to waive a reasonable adjustment.

If students engage with providers, the solution that best suits them will be arranged wherever this is possible. For further detailed guidance, students should refer to our guidance document.


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