If you are looking for waivers and exemptions relating to training and qualifying as a barrister, visit our barrister training: waivers and exemptions page.

Applications must be made in writing on the correct application form, and there is a fee payable for each application. You must ensure that you have submitted all necessary supporting evidence with the application form, as any failure to do so may result in delays in dealing with the application. We may request that you supply further information or documentation in support of your application. If you refuse to provide the required evidence, we reserve the right to reject your application.

All applications and supporting documentation will be provided with the strictest confidence.

The application process takes between six to eight weeks, after all required information and fees are received. We aim to deal with all review applications within ten weeks of receipt.

(*) - Online application form available. Please refer to the guidance document listed under 'Resources'.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) extensions and waivers

Information on waivers and extensions for those on the New Practitioner Programme can be found on our CPD extensions and waivers page.  Please note that we no longer issue exemptions and waivers to those on the Established Practitioner Programme. For more information about CPD, see our pages on CPD.

Qualified Person applications

Applications relating to Qualified Person requirements can be found on our Qualified Person requirement application page. For more information about the Qualified Person requirement, visit our page on the Qualified Person requirement.

Licensed Access applications

Applications relating to Licensed Access can be found on our Licensed Access applications page. For more information about Licensed Access, visit our page on Public and Licensed Access.

Public Access exemptions

Applications relating to Public Access exemptions can be found on our Public Access Exemption application page. For more information about Public Access, visit our page on Public and Licensed Access.

Conducting Litigation

Applications relating to conducting litigation can be found on our conducting litigation application page. For more information about conducting litigation, visit our page on conducting litigation.

Other applications

Designation of a European Lawyer as a Qualified Person
Application by a European Lawyer to act as a qualified person to a barrister practising in another Member State.
No Fee (£0) - Application Form - Guidelines

Designation as a Legal Advice Centre   
Application by legal advice centres for designation as suitable for the employment or attendance of barristers.
£165 - Application Form - Guidelines

Fee Waiver - General
Application for a waiver of the fee for all other applications.
Application Form - Policy

Application for review of specified decisions taken by the Bar Standards Board and the Inns' Conduct Committee.
£200 - Application Form - Guidelines

Review of a Practising Certificate Decision 
Application for review of a decision of the Bar Standards Board regarding the
issue/amendment/revocation of a Practising Certificate.
£200 - Application Form - Guidelines

Review of an Entity Authorisation Decision 
Application for review of a decision of the Bar Standards Board regarding the authorisation of an Entity.
£200 - Application Form - Guidelines