Designing and delivering our Equality and Diversity Strategy for 2022 – 2025

We published our Equality and Diversity Strategy for 2022 to 2025, in July 2022, after it was approved by our Board. The Strategy forms an important part of our commitment to ensure meaningful compliance with our equality duties in every aspect of our work, both as an employer and as the regulator of barristers in England and Wales. The Strategy gives an update on our equality objectives for 2020 to 2022 and sets four equality objectives for the period to April 2025, which our Equality and Access to Justice Team co-produced with over 30 internal and external stakeholders.

This spirit of collaboration will continue as we implement the Strategy, which will drive our work to improve equality and diversity at the Bar over the next three years, and to embed best equalities and anti-discrimination practice in all areas of our work. As part of the Strategy, we will work to improve working cultures, address discrimination and harassment, and explore how we can we effectively contribute to the wellbeing agenda and improve access to justice.

We are always keen to hear from anyone who has insight into how we can achieve our Equality Objectives. If you have any insight or thoughts about this area of our work, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].


Equality Objectives

  1.  clarify the BSB’s expectations of the Bar concerning equality, diversity and inclusion and to highlight opportunities for change;
  2.  hold the Bar to account for reducing racial and other inequalities across the profession;
  3.  promote a culture of inclusion at the Bar and in legal services more generally; and
  4.  build a diverse and inclusive workforce ensuring that the BSB is itself an example of the approach the BSB is promoting.