Every year, we publish an annual Business Plan to outline in more detail which activities we will undertake and when.

This Plan was approved by the board in March 2023. It is the final year of our 2022-25 Strategic Plan

This Business Plan lists the specific activities that we will undertake during 2024-25 against each of our strategic aims. 

These day-to-day activities, which we undertake as the regulator of the Bar, are set out in this document. We also outline the policy development work which we plan to undertake during the year.

We shall continue to reform our regulatory capability while also completing strategic programmes of work aimed at maintaining high professional and ethical standards at the Bar and promoting both diversity and access.

We are continuing to focus on achieving operational excellence. The quality of our decision-making remains high.  We remain committed to improving our timeliness and we have already significantly improved our productivity over the last year.

We are currently completing a comprehensive independent review of our enforcement work and a parallel review of our authorisations activities. The recommendations and finding from these reports will enable us to improve both the productivity and timeliness of our decision-making so that all those who use our services can be sure that we shall take the right decisions efficiently and swiftly.

Through our work on collecting and analysing data and intelligence and clarifying regulatory expectations of barristers in chambers,  we shall improve our ability to regulate proactively in the public interest.. We shall work closely with consumers, the profession and other legal regulators to meet our regulatory objectives.

Over the coming months, we will also continue to monitor the evidence submitted to the Post Office Inquiry, and we will not hesitate to take regulatory action where warranted by the evidence. We will also be developing our new five-year strategy and plan to consult with the profession and all our main stakeholders, to ensure that their views are taken into consideration as we set out our priorities until the end of the decade.

Download the 2024-25 Business Plan.