Every year, we publish an annual Business Plan to outline in more detail which activities we will undertake and when.

This Plan was finalised in late March 2022. It is the first year of our 2022-25 Strategic Plan

This Business Plan lists the specific activities that we will undertake during 2022-23 against each of our strategic aims. As in 2021-22, our work in 2022-23 will focus much of our energy and resources on our core regulatory activities.

These day-to-day activities, which we undertake as the regulator of the Bar, are set out in this document. We also outline the policy development work which we plan to undertake during the year.

All our work is undertaken in the public interest and we remain committed to providing value-for-money to the profession which funds us in what we do. Our budget for 2022-23 which we share with the Bar Council is £12,862k. In addition, we contribute £4,688k to the common services (such as IT, HR and Finance) which we share with the Bar Council. There is more information about our planned income and expenditure in this Plan

Download the 2022-23 Business Plan.