Every year, we publish an annual Business Plan to outline in more detail which activities we will undertake and when.

The Business Plan lists the specific activities that we will undertake during 2019-20 against each of our strategic aims. It also explains that 2019-20 will be the start of a period in which we will continue to focus much of our energy and resources on our core regulatory activities.

As the regulator of the Bar in England and Wales, these core activities include, overseeing the education and training requirements for becoming a barrister, monitoring the standards of conduct for barristers, and assuring the public that everyone we authorise to practise is competent to do so. We do this by supervising the practice of barristers and the specialist legal services businesses whom we regulate. We deal with any information we receive which might indicate that those we regulate may not be following our rules and where necessary, we take appropriate regulatory action. This day-to-day work accounts for most of what we do.

As well as these "business-as-usual" activities, some key highlights from this year's Plan include:

  • starting to authorise vocational and work-based learning training providers under the new Bar training rules and the new Authorisation Framework;
  • initiating a review of the BSB Handbook to make sure that it remains fit for purpose, relevant and accessible;
  • issuing a new regulatory return to the profession to help us gather information about compliance with, and the impact of, our regulation;
  • completing the modernisation of our decision making by establishing a Contact and Assessment Team and an Independent Decision-making Body;
  • reviewing the BSB Equality Rules including consulting on a potential rule change;
  • introducing new rules and guidance on pupillage recruitment and advertising; and
  • refreshing our website.

We are committed to providing value for money to the profession which funds us in everything that we do. Our budget for 2019-20 is £5,614k. In addition, we contribute £3,414k to the common services, such as IT, HR and Finance, which we share with the Bar Council. There is more information about our planned income and expenditure in this Plan.