Our Authorisations Team take decisions relating to:

We have a responsibility to safeguard the public in line with our regulatory objectives and when assessing applications from barristers, prospective barristers and organisations we take a risk and evidence based approach. This means that we consider the affect our decisions will have on the public and the profession.

Applications are considered and determined under the powers of our Board, which are delegated to our staff to give them the authority to take these decisions.

When taking our decisions, we refer to the BSB Handbook’s criteria and guidelines and expect those applying to us to supply all the necessary evidence in support of their application. 

Reviews and appeals

If anyone is unhappy with any authorisation decision taken by us, they may request a review within one month of the date of the original decision. Reviews of our decisions are carried out by an independent panel, comprising of barrister and lay persons. The “panel” will have regard to the original decision and the documentation relied on by us in reaching that decision. The “panel”, in its absolute discretion, may uphold or amend our decision.

If anyone remains dissatisfied with the decision, then they may appeal to the High Court in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules.