Reviews and Appeals

Where a right of review or appeal exists in relation to an Authorisations decision, a person who is unhappy with such a decision may request a review within one month of the date of the original decision. Reviews of our decisions are carried out by an independent panel, comprising of barrister and lay persons.

The panel will consider the original application and supporting documentation afresh, and will have regard to the original decision and any grounds of review submitted by the applicant. The panel, in its absolute discretion, may affirm our decision or substitute any other decision which could have been taken on the original application.

If anyone remains dissatisfied with the decision, then they may appeal to the High Court in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules.

All review requests are dealt with by an Independent Decision-making Body Panel on paper only.

Type of Review Application Application Fee Application Form Application Guidelines
Application for review of specified decisions taken by the Bar Standards Board, the Inns of Court and the Inns' Conduct Committee.
£200 Application Form Guidelines
Review of a Practising Certificate Decision 
Application for review of a decision of the Bar Standards Board regarding the issue/amendment/revocation of a Practising Certificate.
£200 Application Form Guidelines
Review of an Entity Authorisation Decision 
Application for review of a decision of the Bar Standards Board regarding the authorisation of an Entity (BSB authorised body/BSB licensed body).
£200 Application Form Guidelines

Our Policy on Application Fee Payments, Waivers and Refunds includes guidance on:

  • making application fee payments by bank transfer (BACS) or credit/debit card
  • fee waivers
  • refunds

Fee Waiver - Application Form 

Independent Reviewers

Requests for review in respect of licensed access applications are considered by one of our Independent Reviewers, rather than the Independent Decision-making Body. All review requests of licensed access applications are dealt with by an Independent Review on paper only.