The BSB Handbook requires newly qualified barristers with less than three years' standing to work with a more experienced barrister who is available to give them guidance when they undertake specified reserved legal activities. That more experienced barrister is known as a “Qualified Person” (QP).

The activities which require the nomination of a QP are:

  • supplying legal services;
  • exercising rights of audience; and
  • conducting litigation.

Public Access

There is a separate QP requirement for barristers registering for public access work.

Alternative Qualified Persons (AQPs)

When new practitioner barristers are unable to nominate a suitable QP from within their principal place of practice, they can apply to us for approval of an arrangement with an Alternative Qualified Person (AQP).

An AQP has a different principal place of practice from the barrister who has nominated them. The requirements for an AQP are more prescriptive than those for a general QP. An AQP is required to meet regularly with the barrister who has nominated them, and to report back to us on those meetings.  

Download the Qualified Person Requirement Waiver Guidelines and Application.

Please refer to the BSB Handbook for further guidance on the rules relating to the Qualified Person Requirements.