On this webpage, you can find out more about our governance structure, our Board, our work with other legal regulators and our senior management team.

Our Board

Our Board is made up of a combination of lay people and barristers. It has a lay Chair and has had a lay majority since January 2012. Find out more about our Board including members’ biographies and to access minutes from past Board meetings.

Our Committees

We have four committees all of which report to the Board: The Governance, Risk and Audit (GRA) Committee; the Performance and Strategic Planning (PSP) Committee, the Nomination Committee and the Remuneration Committee. The BSB is also assisted in its regulatory work by the Independent Decision Making Body (IDB).

Joint Committees

The BSB is represented on two joint committees with the Bar Council – the Finance Committee and the Audit Committee.

Our Senior Leadership Team

Read more about our Senior Leadership Team who lead our 102 members of staff in delivering the work of the Board and its committees.

Our Advisory Pool of Experts

Our Advisory Pool of Experts (APEX) is a pool of external and independent subject matter experts who may be called upon to provide advice in an area in which expertise is lacking internally or where an in-depth or more independent view will be helpful.

Governance documents

The Bar Standards Board is the regulatory arm of the Bar Council, which is the Approved Regulator under the Legal Services Act 2007. We have several governance documents that explain more about how we are governed and how our Board makes its decisions.

Governance Registers

Our Gifts and Hospitality registers for Board, committee and staff members are available below.

Gifts and Hospitality Register 2023

Gifts and Hospitality Register 2022

Gifts and Hospitality Register 2021

Gifts and Hospitality Register 2020

Gifts and Hospitality Register 2019 

Gifts and Hospitality Register 2018 

Gifts and Hospitality Register 2017 

Gifts and Hospitality Register 2016 

Gifts and Hospitality Register 2015 

Gifts and Hospitality Register 2014

The register for interests declared by Board Members is available and for non-Board Committee Members.