Governance, Risk & Audit Committee

The Governance, Risk & Audit Committee (GRA) is responsible for ensuring the Board's corporate governance standards and internal controls are maintained. The Committee keeps under review and advises the Board on all matters relating to the risk management framework and our internal audit function.

GRA Terms of Reference

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Register of Interests (GRA Committee)

Performance and Strategic Planning Committee

The Performance and Strategic Planning Committee (PSP) leads work in relation to development of the BSB’s strategic direction and plans and the allocation of resources to deliver the strategic and business plans. It oversees performance against relevant service levels and considers whether financial and operational resources are properly and effectively allocated and efficiently managed across the organisation.

PSP Terms of Reference

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Nomination Committee

The Nominations Committee advises the Board on fair, inclusive and transparent approaches to recruitment to the Board and senior executive roles and oversees, on behalf of the Board, some aspects of the recruitment process.

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Membership of the BSB Nomination Committee

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BSB Remuneration Committee

The BSB’s Remuneration Committee makes recommendations to the Board on the remuneration and terms of engagement of BSB staff, its non-executive members and advisers.  It also considers appeals by the Director General and staff who report directly to the Director General against decisions relating to dismissal, disciplinary sanction, grievance, promotion or demotion.

Terms of Reference

Membership of the BSB Remuneration Committee

Register of Interests (BSB Remuneration Committee)