From this section, you can access copies of our Strategic Plans, our annual Business Plans and our main organisation-wide Annual Reports which summarise all our regulatory work during the year.

You can also access our annual Regulatory Decisions Reports.

Annual Reports (inc. Regulatory Decisions Reports)

Our most recent Annual Report is for the year ending 31 March 2023. You can can read this Report by visiting our 2022-23 Annual Report page.

To read our archive of old Annual Reports please visit our Annual Reports, Enforcement Reports and Regulatory Decisions Report page. You can also access our 2021-22 Regulatory Decisions Report from there.

Strategic and business plans

You can read all about our current Strategic Plan by visiting our page on our Strategic Plan for 2022-2025. Similarly, you can find out about our latest plans by reading our Business Plan for 2024-25.

If you would like to read our previous plans, you can read our archive of Strategic and Business Plans.

More BSB publications

Please visit our Research and Statistics section for our research publications, and our Consultations section for our consultation publications. Visit our Data and Intelligence Strategy 2024-202 section.