One of our important tasks as a regulator is to assess reported concerns about barristers or others whom we regulate. More detailed information about how we handle reports of concerns can be found on pages for the public under Reporting concerns

Concerns should be reported to our Contact and Assessment Team using our online reporting form or by contacting the team on 020 7611 1444.

The Contact and Assessment Team will consider all reports made to them and assess whether we need to take regulatory action to address the concerns. Not all reports will result in regulatory action and we will normally carry out a risk assessment to decide if action is needed. 

If we decide that regulatory action is required to address any risks, we may decide to take one or more of the following steps:

  • Inform our Supervision Team of your concern. (Visit this page to find out more about supervision.)
  • Refer the concern to our Investigations and Enforcement Team where there is evidence that a barrister, or person we regulate, has broken the rules in the BSB Handbook. An investigation might result in enforcement action being taken including disciplinary action. For more on this, visit our page on how we make enforcement decisions.
  • Take no action but keep the information about the concern to inform our work in the future

If you want to report a concern about a barrister, please visit our section on reporting concerns.

Please note that we do not deal with complaints about a barrister who has been working for you: that is the role of the Legal Ombudsman.