If you are a practising barrister, whether holding a self-employed, employed or dual practice practising certificate, you can apply to us for individual authorisation to conduct litigation.

If your application is successful, you will be able to conduct litigation, though you may be subject to the “qualified person” requirements. The authorisation to conduct litigation will be added to your practising certificate, as an extension to existing practising rights.


If you decide to apply for authorisation to conduct litigation, you will need to satisfy us that you have:

  • appropriate systems in your place of practice to enable you to conduct litigation;
  • the requisite skills and knowledge of litigation procedure to enable you to provide a competent service to clients; and
  • adequate insurance.

To apply for an extension to your practising certificate to conduct litigation, please visit our page containing guidance on how to apply and the application form itself.

Guidance for barristers conducting litigation

To find out more about conducting litigation and to access our guidance for barristers authorised to conduct it, visit our Code Guidance page.