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2 March 2022


15 July 2021

BPTC Key Statistics Report 2021 - All parts.pdf

The seventh and final annual edition of its statistical information relating to student performance on the Bar Professio...

15 April 2020

The introduction of a Professional Ethics assessment during pupillage WBL

The Introduction of a professional Ethics assessment during pupillage Work based learning.

15 April 2020

BPTC Ethics sample paper and mark scheme

BPTC Ethics sample paper and mark scheme

20 February 2020

We are recruiting Civil Litigation Associate Examiners and Criminal Litigation Associate Examiners

Find out more about these roles.

Press Release
31 January 2020

RecAd Decision Document January2020.pdf

External Policy/Guidance
5 November 2019

Barriers to Training for the Bar research.pdf

Barriers for the Bar Research

Research and statistics