I am in my first three years of practice and need to complete the New Practitioners Programme – will the BSB be flexible if I am not able to attend any of the required training?

Yes, we appreciate that it may not be possible, given the restrictions on travel and social contact, to complete the necessary hours of training and are prepared to be flexible over the timeframe for completion. You do not need to seek a waiver or any approval from the BSB for this and you should complete the NPP as soon as you are able.

I am an established practitioner; it is likely to be difficult for me to complete the CPD I want to do this year if I can’t travel to training. What should I do?

The CPD regime for established practitioners is designed to be flexible. We no longer prescribe a number of hours to be completed and barristers are free to develop their own learning objectives and use those to decide which CPD to do. There is also much greater flexibility in what constitutes CPD. Given this, you should therefore do what you can to meet the CPD requirements, but we recognise that you may not be able to attend some training courses as a result of the restrictions on travel and contact. You may therefore need to look for on-line equivalents or other ways to develop your skills and knowledge. We will take the current situation into account when we review compliance with the 2020/21 CPD next year. Further information about CPD can be found here.

If you have any more questions that are not covered here, you can contact us.