What the NPP involves

The three-year period for the NPP is treated as beginning from the 1 January in the calendar year after you first started practising as a barrister. (This applies whether you started a probationary period in chambers, were squatting, were a tenant or took up a position as an employed barrister). The three years must be full calendar years. The requirements of the NPP are forty-five hours of CPD completed within the three-year period. This must consist of:

  • at least nine hours on advocacy; and
  • at least three hours on ethics.

Advocacy and ethics courses are provided by the Circuits and the Inns. You do not have to attend the training at your own Inn or Circuit. The Circuits and Inns run several courses each year.

We recommend that you take a structured approach to your CPD during the three years that you are on the NPP and do not leave all your required CPD activities until the end of the final year. In particular, we recommend that you complete the advocacy training requirements as early as possible in the three-year period.

You should record your CPD activity on the NPP Record Card and keep this record for at least three years after the completion of your NPP period.

You will need to declare to us that you are keeping up with your CPD each year when you renew your Practising Certificate as part of the Authorisation to Practise process.

You do not need to routinely submit a record of your NPP development activity.  However, you may be selected for a spot check and requested to submit your NPP Record Card to us.

Issues completing the NPP

We are aware that some practitioners with an NPP deadline of 31 December 2020 or later; have had difficulty completing the requisite courses since the onset of the COVID-19 health emergency. If you have been affected, you do not need to seek an extension currently. 

Extensions and waivers

You do not currently need to apply for an extension of time to complete the NPP due to the COVID-19 health emergency.

If you believe you may be eligible for an exemption from all or part of the NPP, visit our page on extensions and waivers.

Further information

If you have any questions: please contact us using our Contact Form.