14 October 2019

More about our governance

The Bar Standards Board is the regulatory arm of the Bar Council, which is the Approved Regulator according to the Legal Services Act 2007.

The Bar Standards Board's governance structures are underpinned by its Constitution and Standing Orders.

The Board, committee members and staff are guided by the Governance Manual, including a scheme of delegations which describes the corporate governance framework, internal controls and roles and responsibilities necessary to deliver the regulatory objectives.

Decision-making, and fairness and transparency 

These sections include more information on how regulatory and management decisions are delegated and overseen, and the BSB's policies and registers that support fairness and transparency to ensure integrity and regulatory independence.

Finance and performance 

The Bar Standards Board's strategic plan, and annual financial and performance reports can be found in the Corporate Publications section of the Media Centre.

Quarterly financial and performance updates to the Board are listed in the meeting agenda papers.