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4. Record keeping

Authorisation Framework

As a condition of authorisation, AETOs must maintain the following data and records for at least 5 years and may be required to provide them to the BSB for supervision purposes or research:

  • Training records for pupils.
  • Training outcomes for pupils.
  • Training records for pupil supervisors.
  • Training records for recruitment panel members.
  • Recruitment records (advertisements, application process, selection criteria, assessor records).
  • Pupillage agreements.
  • Diversity data for pupils (this might compare applications, interviews offered, pupillage offers made, places taken up and progression to tenancy/employment) and the action that you have taken following review of data.
  • Complaints/grievances with the AETO’s analysis and action taken.
  • Pupil feedback, analysis and action taken.
  • Policies related to pupillage.

AETOs may be asked to provide practical examples to illustrate how their policies and strategies have been implemented and the impact they have had.

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