24 October 2017

The Handbook publication

We are now authorising entities and alternative business structures. The PDF below has been updated to include new rules relating to the latter.

You can download and print a colour coded copy of the third edition of the Handbook, which came into force on 3 April 2017. 

You can also  download an app version of the Handbook.

In addition, you can  download and print an index for the Handbook.

To ensure that you are accessing the most up to date version of the BSB Handbook publication; clear your cache, cookies and Internet browsing history regularly.

Please refer to the useful resources on the right hand side of this webpage for a table of new provisions in the third edition of the BSB Handbook.

BSB Handbook third edition 2017 cover

The third edition of our Handbook is available to download above.  The first edition of the Handbook and the second edition of the Handbook which are no longer in force, are also available to download.