23 September 2019

CPD for Established Practitioners

If you are a practising barrister of more than three years' standing, then you need to complete CPD in accordance with the rules for the Established Practitioners Programme (EPP).

Compared with previous EPP schemes, the CPD requirements for established practitioners from 1 January 2017 mean that:

  • You will have more individual responsibility for deciding what CPD activities you require;
  • You will be able to choose from a wider range of CPD activities; and
  • There is no longer a requirement to complete a minimum number of accredited hours.

Your requirements under the EPP scheme are illustrated in the diagram below:

 CPD infographic

  1. REVIEW: You should prepare a written CPD Plan setting out your learning objectives and the activities you propose to undertake during the year.
  2. RECORD: You should keep a written record of the CPD activities you have undertaken over the past three years including your reflection on the CPD you have undertaken during that time, any variation in your plans and an assessment of your future learning objectives.
  3. REFLECT: You should reflect on your planned and completed CPD activities to assess whether you have met your objectives.
  4. REPORT: You must declare to the Bar Standards Board annually that you have completed your CPD. This should be completed as part of the authorisation to practise process, when you renew your practising certificate. 

To help you comply with your CPD requirements under the EPP scheme, we have provided the following resources: