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5. After pupillage

This section explains the information that the BSB requires Authorised Education and Training Organisations to make available to pupils and applicants for pupillage/work-based learning about what happens when they have completed their training.


5.1) The Authorisation Framework requires Authorised Education and Training Organisations (AETOs) to provide clear information that assists applicants for pupillage/work-based learning in assessing the affordability of their training, in relation to the prospects they will have when their training is complete.

Authorisation Framework

45.1 AETOs must communicate clear, accessible and meaningful information and data as to the likelihood of being retained post-qualification, and earnings potential.

5.2) Applicants and pupils should be given information about the process and timing for applying for tenancy/employment; the retention rate or other destination post-qualification; earnings potential when fully qualified and support given to pupils to enable them to find alternative work if they are unsuccessful in their tenancy/employment application.

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