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1. Pupil Supervisors

This section sets out the requirements that AETOs must have in place for the supervision of pupils. It is also of interest to individuals who wish to become pupil supervisors. It covers the eligibility criteria, training requirements and registration of supervisors with the BSB.

2. Fair Recruitment and Equality and Diversity

All AETOs are required to abide by the Equality Act 2010, which includes some specific provisions in relation to the recruitment of pupils. In addition, the BSB Handbook and the Authorisation Framework have a number of requirements relating to recruitment in relation to equality and the principles of flexibility, accessibility and affordability. These are outlined in this section.

3. Written Agreements

This section sets out the requirement to have a written agreement in place upon commencement of pupillage. In addition, certain information must be provided when an offer of pupillage is made.

4. Pupillage Funding

All pupillages of self-employed barristers, chambers and BSB authorised bodies must be funded in accordance with the Pupillage Funding Rules in the BSB Handbook. The responsibility to fund pupils lies with the AETO. The purpose of these rules is to ensure that pupils receive a regular, minimum income throughout pupillage and it supports equality of opportunity. Other types of AETOs must abide by the National Living Wage legislation.

5. Record keeping

This section includes information on requirements relating to record keeping during pupillage.

6. After pupillage 

This section explains the information that the BSB requires Authorised Education and Training Organisations to make available to pupils and applicants for pupillage/work-based learning about what happens when they have completed their training.