19 June 2019

Concerns about the service provided by staff

The BSB has a procedure in place for addressing complaints about the service provided by staff. This procedure is separate to the procedure for making regulatory complaints about the conduct of those regulated by the BSB and is only applicable to concerns about how BSB staff have behaved. 

Complaints may be made about any aspect of the service we have provided, for example:

  • mistakes or lack of care in dealing with the complaint;
  • providing misleading information or wrongly signposting you to other services;
  • unreasonable delay in responding or taking action;
  • unprofessional behaviour or attitude by staff;
  • discrimination (in the way staff have treated you).

If your complaint is about our service because you are dissatisfied with the way we have carried out our work, please click here  

Please note, if your complaint is about a decision we have made about the conduct of the regulated person, we will not normally treat it as a complaint about our service. Instead, if appropriate, we will treat your complaint as a request to review the decision made about the regulated person's conduct.

For further information on what you can do if you do not agree with the decision taken on your regulatory complaint, please read our frequently asked questions if you are a complainant, or read these frequently asked questions if you are a barrister  subject to a complaint .