14 October 2019

Stephen Supple suspended for mishandling client monies and not cooperating with the regulator

8 October 2015

A disciplinary tribunal ordered a three-month suspension of barrister Stephen Supple on Friday, 2 October.

The Tribunal found that Mr Supple, acting under a Power of Attorney, had mishandled his client's monies, and failed to cooperate with the Legal Ombudsman and the Bar Standards Board in complaints made against him. Mr Supple was instructed directly by the client, under the public access rules.

As a result, Mr Supple is suspended from practice for three months and prohibited from undertaking public access work for 12 months, with the sentences to run concurrently.

The Tribunal took the view that Mr Supple would have been entitled to some payment for the work he had carried out for the client, but he acted inappropriately and unprofessionally, in a manner likely to diminish public confidence in the profession.

Director of Professional Conduct for the BSB Sara Jagger said, "Our role as a regulator is to act in the public interest and provide a safeguard against barristers who present an unacceptable risk.

"The public has a right to expect members of the Bar to act competently and professionally. By mishandling the client's monies and then not cooperating with the regulators during the investigation, Mr Supple failed in his obligations.

"The Tribunal's order sends a clear message that unprofessional conduct which diminishes the public's confidence in the Bar has consequences."

Mr Supple has until 23 October 2015 to appeal against the decision.


Notes to editors

About Stephen Supple

Mr Stephen Supple was called to the Bar by Lincoln's Inn in October 2002.

About the Bar Standards Board

Our mission is to regulate the Bar so as to promote high standards of practice and safeguard clients and the public interest. For more information about what we do visit: http://bit.ly/1gwui8t

About disciplinary tribunals

The appointment, operation, and decisions (including sentencing) of disciplinary tribunal panels are performed by the Bar Tribunals and Adjudication Service (BTAS). BTAS is run independently of the Bar Standards Board - the barristers' regulator - which is responsible for bringing charges of professional misconduct against barristers. These charges are then adjudicated on by BTAS' tribunal panels.

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