22 August 2019

John Alexander Nwenu Iteshi to be disbarred for instigating vexatious Employment Tribunal claims

22 October 2015

Unregistered barrister John Alexander Nwenu Iteshi was ordered to be disbarred by an independent disciplinary tribunal on Friday, 16 October, following the Bar's regulator taking action against him for professional misconduct.

Mr Iteshi brought so many claims to Employment Tribunals that he became subject to a restriction under section 33 of the Employment Tribunals Act 1996 on grounds the claims were habitual, persistent and without good reason.

Mr Iteshi's conduct breached Core Duty 5 of the BSB Handbook, which states that barristers must not behave in a way which is likely to diminish the trust and confidence which the public places in them or the profession.

The Tribunal found the charge proved and ordered Mr Iteshi to be disbarred.  Mr Iteshi was not present at the hearing.

Director of Professional Conduct Sara Jagger said: "It is right the Tribunal decided to disbar Mr Iteshi.  His actions were an abuse of process and a persistent departure from the professional standards expected of all barristers.  His conduct caused harm to the administration of justice and the reputation of the Bar.

"His continual filing of vexatious claims with Employment Tribunals illustrates a worrying lack of insight and there is nothing to suggest Mr Iteshi recognises the seriousness of his actions.

"The public interest was not served by Mr Iteshi's blatant disregard for wasting judicial time and resources, which should be used to resolve genuine workplace disputes."

Mr Iteshi has a right of appeal within 21 days, ie by 6 November 2015.


Notes to editors

About John Alexander Nwenu Iteshi
Mr Iteshi was called to the Bar by Middle Temple on 11 October 2007.  He has never held a practising certificate.

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