15 December 2018

Professional Conduct Committee Terms of Reference (Nov 13)

The terms of reference of the Professional Conduct Committee are:

1. to carry out the functions and exercise the powers under Part 5 of the BSB Handbook

2. to respond to and, where appropriate, defend appeals against and other challenges to actions and decisions of the Committee and of disciplinary tribunals and panels constituted under the regulations and rules referred to at (1) above;

3. to make recommendations to other committees or to the Board about matters of professional conduct, including changes to rules referred to at (1) above when the Committee considers it appropriate to do so;

4. to liaise, where appropriate, with other BSB Committees, the Bar Tribunals and Adjuducation Service, the Legal Ombudsman and any other bodies relevant to the work of the Committee in exercising its functions;

5. to undertake such other tasks as the Board may require; and

6. to report to the Board on its work as and when required.

The membership of the Professional Conduct Committee shall be:

7. A chair and four vice chairs. There must be two lay and two barrister vice chairs. The chair can be either a lay or barrister member;

8. A minimum of 10 lay members and a maximum of 24 lay members; and

9. Subject to a minimum of 10, a number of barristers to enable the Committee in the judgement of the Chair to carry out its business expeditiously.