09 February 2016

Our committees

Our Board runs its work through several committees.


We appoint a Recruitment Panel to oversee the selection of new members of our committees on an annual basis. The Recruitment Panel is responsible for:

  • appointing a selection panel for each committee where there is a vacancy
  • ensuring that each selection panel consists of two members of the recruitment panel, preferably being a lay member and a practising barrister member of the BSB and a person accredited by Office of the Commissioner for Public Appointments, or an independent person with similar skills and experience in good recruitment procedures
  • considering the recommendations of each selection panel before deciding on an appointment

We advertise for new committee members at least once a year, all vacancies will be advertised on our website - Bar Standards Board jobs

The committees

Education and Training - Responsible for setting the standards of education and training that people must reach before being able to practise as barristers, together with the further training requirements that barristers must comply with throughout their careers.
Governance, Risk and Audit - Responsible for ensuring the maintenance of good governance standards and internal control processes.

Planning, Resources and Performance - Responsible for work relating to development of strategic direction, resources allocation and performance monitoring.

Professional Conduct Committee - decides whether or not to take enforcement action against barristers who have breached the BSB Handbook.

Qualifications - The Qualifications Committee decides on individual applications from people wishing to practise as barristers who may be entitled to a waiver or exemption from the normal training requirements.