Bar Qualification Rules

BSB Handbook

Rule Q3 To be called to the Bar by an Inn an individual must have successfully completed the following:

.1    academic legal training;

.2    vocational training;

.3    the number of qualifying sessions as a student member of an Inn as prescribed from time to time by the BSB; and

.4    pay such fee or fees as may be prescribed.

Rule Q6 The BSB shall set out in writing:

.1    the requirements to be met by an Inn in admitting student members and calling individuals to the Bar;

.2    the manner in which an Inn shall assess whether such individuals are fit and proper; and

.3    the minimum requirements for the delivery of qualifying sessions by an Inn.


1) Before being Called to the Bar, all students are required to complete 12 Qualifying Sessions which are organised by their Inn. These are professional development events of an educational and collegiate nature arranged by or on behalf of an Inn.

2) Qualifying Sessions are designed to complement the vocational component of training and foster a community of professional practice.

3) Each Inn is responsible, in cooperation with the other Inns, for:

  • ensuring that suitable Qualifying Sessions are available for its members;
  • deciding what requirements must be satisfied for a person to be credited with attendance at one or more Qualifying Sessions; and
  • agreeing criteria which specify the grounds on which the requirement to attend Qualifying Sessions may be waived or modified.

Qualifying Sessions