We are committed to an evidence-based approach to policy-making and we take into account the views of anyone who has an interest in the regulation of barristers in England and Wales. We do this through an open consultation process. From this page, you can read our current consultations (if we have any), our past consultations and, where appropriate, our analysis of the responses we received to them. You can also access our responses to other organisations’ consultations.

Open consultations

There are currently no open consultations.

Closed consultations

The following is a list of links to our past consultations which are now closed. Where indicated, you can also read our summary of the responses we received and any subsequent BSB decisions.

January 2024 - we launched a consultation to seek views on our proposed approach to revising the definition of academic legal training and to dealing with consequential waivers and exemptions.

October 2023 -  We issued a consultation document seeking views on our regulatory expectations of chambers.

June 2023 - We issued a consultation seeking views on proposed changes which would widen BSB powers and those of Disciplinary Tribunals to issue interim suspensions. In December 2023 the BSB published a summary of responses to the consultation, and the BSB’s response.

December 2022 - In conjunction with the Bar Council, we published a short consultation paper seeking views on our proposals for the Practising Certificate Fee (PCF) rates for 2023-24.

July 2022 - we published a consultation paper seeking views on our proposed approach to the regulation of non-professional conduct and on barristers’ use of social media. Simultaneously, interim Social Media Guidance was published, which will be updated following the consultation. You can read the summary of consultation responses online.

February 2022 - we published a consultation paper seeking views on a proposal to amend our Minimum Terms of Cover for Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) to clarify the expected level of cover provided by professional indemnity insurers to barristers in the event of cyber incidents such as errors and omissions in, and the failure and unavailability of, a computer system.

October 2021 - we published a consultation paper seeking views on our strategic priorities and aims for the next three-year period starting in April 2022.

September 2021- we published a consultation paper where we outlined three possible options for the future of the BCAT as a prerequisite for students enrolling on a Bar training course.

Alongside the consultation paper, we also published an evaluation of the performance of the BCAT over time which has prompted us to review whether the BCAT continues to be necessary. The Consultation closed on 31 October 2021. 

November 2020 - Consultation on Practising Certificate Fees (PCF) for 2021-22

In conjunction with the Bar Council, we published a short consultation paper seeking views on our proposals for the Practising Certificate Fee (PCF) rates for 2021-22. 

We welcomed views on the proposal not to increase PCF and the budget for 2021/22.

October 2019 - Barristers supervising immigration advisers - Rule change consultation October 2019

We sought views on a possible rule change to the BSB Handbook, which sets out the regulatory obligations on barristers.

The rule change would prohibit barristers from supervising immigration advisers who have received certain sanctions from the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC – the regulator of immigration advice and services), an approved legal services regulator, or a designated professional body. This consultation closed on 8 November 2019.

Summary of responses to the consultation.

May 2019 - Engagement Programme – Pupillage Gateway Timetable and Written Agreements for Pupillage 

December 2018 - Consultation on fees and charges for the authorisation and supervision of Authorised Education and Training Organisations (AETOs) by the Bar Standards Board 

September 2018 Response to the Competition and Markets Authority's Recommendations

October 2018 - Consultation on the Bar Standards Board's strategic programme for 2019-22

July 2018 - BSB seeks views on draft of new Bar training rules

April 2018 - Sexual orientation and religion or belief monitoring within chambers and BSB entities

March 2018 - Modernising Regulatory Decision Making

October 2017 - Shaping the education and training requirements for prospective barristers 

October 2017 - Response to the Competition and Market Authority's Recommendations: Policy Consultation on Transparency Standards

June 2017 - Consultation on Changes to the Public and Licensed Access Rules

June 2017 - New information and registration requirements for the Bar consultation on rule change

May 2017 - Review of the Standard of Proof Applied in Professional Misconduct Proceedings

November 2016 - Consultation on a possible change to parental leave rules

October 2016 - Future of Training for the Bar: Future Routes to Authorisation

November 2016 - Legal Services Board consultation: Section 69 Order to modify the functions of the Bar Council (links to the LSB website).

May 2016 - CPD Rule change consultation

Read a report on the responses to this consultation

March 2016 - Future Bar Training: Professional Statement threshold standard and competences

January 2016 - Draft Strategic Plan 2016-19

December 2015 - Consultation: Fees and Charges

December 2015 - Consultation: Cost of licensing authorised BSB Alternative Business Structures

October 2015 - Consultation: Quality Assurance Scheme for Advocates

October 2015 - Consultation: Amending the definition of employed barrister (non-authorised body)

July 2015 - Consultation: The Future of Training for the Bar: Academic, Vocational and Professional Stages of Training

July 2015 - Consultation: Disciplinary Tribunal Regulations (DTR)

July 2015 - Consultation: amendment to Bar Standards Board powers 

Our response to the above consultation is available here

June 2015 - Consultation: Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

June 2015 - Consultation: insurance requirements for single person entities

June 2015 - Future Bar Training Consultation: The Professional Statement

March 2015 - Consultation on the Cab Rank Rule, standard contractual terms, and the list of defaulting solicitors

February 2015 - Consultation on amendment to the Professional Conduct Committee's power to take "no further action"

October 2014 - Call for evidence: review of standard contractual terms and the cab rank rule

September 2014 - Entity Regulation: entity authorisation fees

July 2014 - Entity Regulation rule changes and insurance

April 2014 - Consultation Paper on Changes to the Guidance on Returning Instructions

January 2014 - BSB consultation on litigation authorisation application fees

June 2013 - Risk-Based Supervision Consultation

March 2013 - Fitness to Practise 

October 2012 - QASA fourth consultation

August 2012 - Bar Transfer Test


June 2012 - New BSB Handbook and Entity regulation

March 2012 - Public Access Consultation 

February 2012 - Bar Course Aptitude Test (BCAT) 

September 2011 - Proposed regulatory changes - QASA

September 2011 - Continuing Professional Development

August 2011 - International Practising Rules

April 2011 - Code of Conduct for the Bar

March 2011 - Equality and Diversity provisions for Code

December 2010 - Regulating Entities (third LSA 2007 consultation)

November 2010 - Quality Assurance Scheme for criminal advocates

June 2010 - Development of authorisation to practise

March 2010 - Advocacy Standards

October 2009 - The structure of Self-Employed practice

June 2009 - Review of the Code -conduct rules

March 2009 - Legal Services Act 2007 -LDPS

July 2008 - Acceptance and return of Instructions

July 2008 - Public Access Rules

July 2008 - Legal Services Act 2007 - Regulation implications

February 2008 - Complaints and Disciplinary processes

January 2008 - Equality and Diversity Action Plan

December 2007 - Chambers Complaints Handling

September 2007 - Review of the Code of Conduct

March 2007 - Entertainment of Solicitors

December 2006 - Acceptance of Instructions

October 2006 - Deferral of Call

September 2006 - Complaints Redress

Our responses to external consultations

We are often consulted by government and other organisations on matters affecting or having the potential to affect the regulation of barristers. Our responses to such consultations can be found here.

BSB response to HM Treasury consultation on Improving the effectiveness of the Money Laundering Regulations June 2024
BSB response to the Office for Legal Complaints/Legal Ombudsman consultation on their Draft Strategy and Business Plan for 2024-27 December 2023
BSB Response to the Legal Services Board consultation on first-tier complaints November 2023
BSB Response to the OISC consultation on the proposed

amendments to the OISC Code of Standards

October 2023
BSB Response - HMT: Reform of the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Supervisory Regime October 2023

BSB Response to the LSB consultation on draft guidance on Promoting technology and innovation to improve access to legal services

October 2023

BSB Response to the Committee on Standards in Public Life request for update on Artificial Intelligence and Public Standards

September 2023

BSB Response to MoJ call for evidence on Open Justice

September 2023
BSB Response to the Office for AI/DSIT consultation on the “Pro-innovation approach to AI regulation” white paper June 2023
BSB Response - CRL Consultation on Higher Rights of Audience December 2022

CP22/16 OPBAS Sourcebook update

September 2022
MOJ Call for Evidence Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation May 2022
Legal Ombudsman Scheme Rules consultation April 2022
Legal Services Board consultation on on-going competence March 2022
Legal Services Board - Business Plan February 2022
Legal Services Board - Draft statement of policy on empowering consumers December 2021
BEIS - Reforming the Framework for Better Regulation October 2021
HM Treasury consultation Amendments to the Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds (Information on the Payer) Regulations 2017 - Statutory Instrument 2022 October 2021
HM Treasury Call for Evidence Review of the UK’s Anti-Money Laundering/Counter Terrorist Financing regulatory and supervisory regime October 2021
Legal Sector Affinity Group Response – AML Call for Evidence October 2021
LSB consultation on proposed rules for applications to alter regulatory arrangements July 2021
Independent Review of Criminal Legal Aid Review July 2021
LSB discussion paper on quality indicators in the legal services market April 2021

Consultation on draft strategy for the legal services sector and draft LSB business plan 2021-22

December 2020

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) Call for Evidence - Recognition of Professional Qualifications

October 2020

Response to Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) call for input

October 2020

Response to consultation by HM Treasury - Economic crime levy: Funding new government action to tackle money laundering

Response to supplementary questionnaire for supervisors by HM Treasury - Economic crime levy: Funding new government action to tackle money laundering

September 2020
BSB response to FCA consultation on changes to the Sourcebook for professional body anti-money laundering Supervisors – criminality checks July 2020
BSB response to LSB consultation on proposed practising fee rules July 2020
BSB response to OPBAS consultation on fee-rate for 2019/20 September 2019

BEIS consultation - Corporate Transparency & Registration Reform - BSB response

July 2019

BSB response - Consultation on the Transposition of 5th Money Laundering Directive

June 2019

BSB response to FCA/OPBAS fees consultation

April 2019

BSB response to FCA/OPBAS fees consultation

December 2018

BSB response to LSB consultation on Internal Governance Rules

February 2018

Recovering the costs of the Office for Professional Body Anti-Money Laundering Supervision (OPBAS): fees proposals (CP17/35)

January 2018

Guidance consultation GC17/7 - Office for Professional Body Anti-Money Laundering Supervision: sourcebook for professional body supervisors

October 2017

Regulatory Performance Assessment - consultation response 

September 2017

Consultation on the impact and drafting of regulations intended to improve oversight of the anti-money laundering supervisory regime

August 2017

Call for Further Information - Oversight of the Anti-money laundering supervisory regime

April 2017

BSB Consultation Response Transposition of the 4th Money Laundering Directive

April 2017

BSB response to the LSB Business Plan 2017/18 consultation

February 2017

Consultation on Transposition of the 4th Money Laundering Directive

November 2016

BSB response to HMRC consultation on tax avoidance

October 2016

BSB response to Ministry of Justice consultation: Legal services: removing barriers to competition

Aug 2016

BSB response to SRA's consultation - Removing barriers to switching regulators

July 2016

Call for information: Anti-Money Laundering Supervisory Regime

June 2016

Consultation Response - Reforming the courts approach to McKenzie Friends 

June 2016

BSB response to Legal Services Board consultation about First tier complaints handling

LSB consultation paper

Apr 2016

BSB response to Legal Services Board consultation about practising fees

Apr 2016

BSB response to the Bar Council response to the draft BSB Strategic Plan consultation

Mar 2016

BSB response to the Ministry of Justice Consultation: Preserving and enhancing the quality of criminal advocacy

Nov 2015

BSB response to the Legal Ombudsman consultation on proposed Alternative Dispute Resolution scheme rules

Nov 2015

BSB response to Legal Services Board consultation on Statement of Policy: Section 15(4) of the Legal Services Act 2007

Nov 2015

BSB response to consultation on the Legal Services Board's draft strategic plan 2015-18 and Business Plan 2015/16

Feb 2015

BSB response to the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner's consultation on their code of standards

Feb 2015

BSB response to the Legal Services Board's consultation on appointment and reappointments to regulatory boards 

Apr 2014

Bar Standards Board Response to the Legal Services Board's consultation on its draft Business Plan 2014-15

Jan 2014

Bar Standards Board Response to the Legal Services Board's consultation on increasing flexibility in legal education and training

Nov 2013

Bar Standards Board Response to the Legal Services Board's consultation "Chairs of Regulatory Boards"

Nov 2013

BSB response to the Jeffrey Review

Nov 2013

BSB submission to Ministry of Justice Legal Services Review Call for Evidence

Sep 2013

Annex 1 to BSB Submission to Ministry of Justice - Call for evidence - Legal Services Review

Sep 2013

Response to the Ministry of Justice consultation on Transforming Legal Aid

Jun 2013

Response to the Legal Services Board Business Plan 2013-14

Mar 2013

Response to Legal Ombudsman Consultation: Strategy 2013 -2016, Business Plan 2013-14

Feb 2013

Response to the SRA's consultation on co-operation agreements

Jan 2013

Response to the OISC's consultation to amend the OISC's code of standards and complaint scheme

Sep 2012

Response to IPS consultation on its approach to risk based regulation

Aug 2012

Response to LSB's consultation on the regulation of special bodies / non-commercial bodies

Jul 2012

Response to the LETR Discussion Paper on Equality, Diversity & Social Mobility Issues affecting education & training in the legal services sector

Jul 2012

Response to LeO's review of the scheme rules and case fee structure

Jun 2012

Response to the LSB's consultation paper on Approaches to Quality

May 2012

Response to the LSB's Discussion Paper on the Regulation of Immigration Advice and Services

May 2012

BSB response to MoJ Triennial Review of  the Office for Legal Complaints and the Legal Services Board

Mar 2012

BSB response to LSB Equality Report for 2010/11 and consultation on Equality Duty Objectives for 2012/13

Mar 2012

BSB response to LeO's consultation on a modern Ombudsman scheme: the Legal Ombudsman's Strategy (2012-2015) and Business Plan (2012-2013)

Jan 2012

The Role of Chambers

We have published a new webpage describing our evolving relationship with chambers as part of a series of consultation activities which are underway.