Disciplinary findings

This section of the website provides details of all publishable findings and sentences imposed by Disciplinary Tribunals since 2002.

Publication of disciplinary findings

Details of findings and sentences, including the identity of the barrister or authorised body concerned, are published on the BSB's website in accordance with the BSB's Publications Policy, which you can read by clicking here.

In summary, all findings, inlcuding findings made by the Determination by Consent procedure, will be removed from the website after 2 years, unless the finding of the Disciplinary Tribunal involves a suspension, disbarment or removal of an authorised body's license to operate. In these cases, the finding will be posted on the website indefinitely. 

However, a barrister's full disciplinary record, which can include findings made before 2002, can be obtained by contacting the Professional Conduct Department directly on 0207 611 1444.  

Findings are also published on the Bar Tribunal and Adjudication Service's (BTAS) wesbite here, and in accordance with their pubications policy, which you can read by clicking here.

Disciplinary finding search facility

You can use the facility below to search by the name of the barrister (last name), or authorised body, month and/or year, sentence (whether disbarred, suspended or other sentence), type of hearing (whether  visitors hearing (appeal) or disciplinary tribunal), and type of offence (keyword search).

Each set of findings is accorded a status on the following basis:

  • Open to Appeal - The case is within the period that the person or body can appeal the finding but no appeal has been submitted;
  • Appeal Pending - Sentence Stayed / Appeal Pending - The person or body has submitted an appeal, which is yet to be heard. Unless the Disciplinary Tribunal has ordered that the sentence should take effect immediately (Appeal Pending), the sentence will not be implemented until after the outcome of the appeal is known (Appeal Pending - Sentence Stayed).
  • Final - The finding has been pronounced either after the appeal period has expired or following the result of an appeal.

New findings are posted within seven days of a decision, although it can take up to 24 hours for the finding to appear on the website following its posting (or for a finding to not show on the website following its removal). More detailed information about individual cases can be obtained from our Investigations and Hearings Team on 020 7611 1444.

Users are reminded that the present practising status of any barrister should be confirmed with our Records Department on 020 7242 0934.