20 January 2019

Education and Training Committee Terms of Reference (Jan 16)

1. On behalf of the BSB to provide specialist oversight of the regulation of education, training and quality assurance and for that purpose it will:
a. monitor action taken by the BSB;
b. endorse substantial and substantive policy proposals to the Board that have been developed by the BSB; and
c. actively keep under review the regulatory arrangements relating to its terms of reference and report periodically to the Board as to the need for its continued operation.
2. The BSB may direct the Education and Training Committee as to its scope of work.
The membership of the Education and Training Committee shall consist of:
1. A chair who shall also be a member of the Board;
2. Two lay members, normally also Board members;
3. Two practising barristers, normally also Board members; and
4. Two senior legal academics with experience of vocational training (in addition to the lay members above).