23 September 2019

Equality and Diversity Rules of the BSB Handbook

The equality rules of the BSB Handbook came into force on 1 September 2012. They apply to self-employed barristers in multi-tenant chambers and include requirements to:

  • Produce an equality policy and action plan
  • Appoint an equality and diversity officer and appoint a diversity data officer
  • Ensure chambers' selection panels are trained in fair recruitment
  • Conduct diversity monitoring and analyse data
  • Produce anti-harassment, flexible working, parental leave and reasonable adjustments policies.

Lines and Pencil - Code of ConductClick on the icon to view the rules as an extract of the Handbook.


Supporting Materials  

The BSB has produced the following support products designed to assist chambers and BSB authorised bodies in implementing all the equality rules.  Please click on the relevant links on the right.

The products are: 

  • Supporting Information on the equality rules - a guide to understanding the requirements of the rules and implementing them in practice (there are seperate guides for chambers and BSB authorised bodies)
  • FAQs on the rules
  • Webinar on implementing the rules 
  • CPDcast podcast on the equality rules
  • PowerPoint presentations from a BSB event on the equality rules covering reasonable adjustments, harassment, diversity data collection and work allocation monitoring. 

The Bar Council organises regional events aimed at supporting the profession in implementing the rules. Details of these events are posted on the Bar Council website.