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Lawyer 365

Lawyer 365 is where people find lawyers they can trust. And it’s where legal professionals like you can find the ideal clients to grow your business.

Created by lawyers for lawyers, our platform is the only app-based legal marketplace that combines AI-powered chatbots, digital payments, and high-quality video consultations in one platform.

Our complete end-to-end business solution gives you the digital tools you need to reach your growth ambitions, and by listing your legal profile on Lawyer 365 you can offer real-time appointments bookable at a time of your choosing.

Public access barristers can display their expertise in their specialist area of law using the Lawyer 365 Expert Dashboard, and manage inquiries, appointment availability, legal advice pricing, and client reviews quickly and easily. Consumers looking for legal advice can swiftly browse and choose the barrister they wish to engage with using the Lawyer 365 app. The entire process aims to connect lawyers and consumers in minutes, by video. Consumers can access legal advice instantly or book a consultation up to seven days ahead.

If you’re looking to increase your online presence and feature on a leading legal marketplace, take advantage of our cost-effective, direct legal marketing for your law firm, starting at only £49 per month to feature on Lawyer 365, you will get fantastic leads and opportunities directly to your smartphone.

To speak with a member of our team contact [email protected] or call 0121 274 2313 or you can sign up at

Review Solicitors

ReviewBarristers, launching in Autumn 2023, is the sister company of ReviewSolicitors, the UK’s largest legal review platform. 

We believe that everyone has the right to make informed and empowered decisions.

Over the past 7 years, ReviewSolicitors has had huge traction both with law firms and the public. Over 5 million people visited the site in the past 12 months to decide which law firm to use for their legal matter or to confirm they were making the right choice of firm. Over 2500 law firms have chosen ReviewSolicitors as their review collection partner.

ReviewBarristers will follow a similar approach - it will enable barristers to automate the collection of reviews from their clients, so that they can be collected seamlessly. Barristers will be able to showcase and manage their reputation online effectively, bringing them more new clients. We will also give barristers control so that they know that the only reviews allowed on the platform are genuine - if a review is believed to be defamatory or not by a client, we provide a straightforward and rapid way to contest it and have it removed.

By collating market-wide reviews with industry data, we are able to create a transparent comparison of barristers. Through being the first touchpoint for those needing legal advice, we are enabling better informed decision-making and working towards a better, fairer legal sector.

For more information, please contact Michael Hanney at [email protected] or call 0333 577 0206.

To learn more about Review Solicitors, please visit

The Law Superstore

The Law Superstore is the UK’s leading legal lead generation site.

Our offering is simple – high quality, qualified leads from clients who need your services.

We know that not all legal professionals want to spend time and money on digital marketing, building their SEO presence or costly competition on Pay-Per-Click ads. So we do it for them. As a legal comparison site, The Law Superstore is best placed to direct clients to your practice, for the services you offer, in the locations you wish to target, where you receive all the information about the case and can start a consultation immediately.

Lead generation works well as a supplementary service, to bring in business in new locations, or to test the popularity of new services. We have legal practices on our panel who started as small teams and now offer national coverage to clients across England and Wales.

We are proud to offer a no obligation free trial, and there are no sign-up fees, minimum spends or tie-in contracts. Use our service as and when you need us.

To find out more about whether lead generation would work for you, email [email protected] and quote ‘DCT Pilot’ to start your free trial


Trustpilot is a leading global review platform which aims to become a universal symbol of trust.

We bring businesses and consumers together, to foster trust and inspire collaboration. Our platform helps consumers find trustworthy information which enables them to shop with confidence.

Trustpilot also gives businesses the opportunity to earn trust and engage with their customers. Our platform offers analytics to help businesses improve the service they provide and grow more efficiently. The more consumers use Trustpilot and share their own opinions; the richer the insights we offer businesses; and the more opportunities they have to earn the trust of consumers, from all around the world.

Our platform is open to everybody and built on transparency. Crucially, Trustpilot is free to use for both businesses and consumers.

Legal service providers can get started and use our platform without paying a penny by signing up for Trustpilot Free. If our Free package does not meet your needs, you can also sign up for a Standard plan from as little as £199 per year, which would help to drive Google seller ratings, give access to our marketing assets and allow you to invite more clients for feedback - among many other benefits.

89% of consumers in the UK now check online reviews before making purchases. Over 120 million reviews have been posted on Trustpilot - and that number is growing by more than one review every second.

To find out how your firm can benefit from Trustpilot, contact Neil Bayton, head of partnerships at Trustpilot, at [email protected]