20 January 2018

Governance, Risk & Audit Committee Terms of Reference (Jan 2017)

1. to advise the Board on the effectiveness of the corporate governance structures, and to monitor and recommend to the Board action in respect of the effectiveness of the strategic arrangements for governance, risk management and audit. This includes agreeing a programme of Board member training and development to satisfy corporate governance guidelines;
2. to monitor and recommend to the Board action in respect of the Board's management of risks, including arrangements for business continuity and disaster recovery;
3. to agree action in respect of the effectiveness of the Board's financial management and control systems, and internal business processes, including accounting policies, anti-fraud and whistle-blowing arrangements;
4. to provide oversight of the internal audit function and the development of the first and second lines of defence of the BSB's assurance framework. To appoint the Board's Internal Auditors and agree the annual audit plan including any audit reviews that the Board wishes to see conducted. To monitor and recommend to the Board the results of the Board's internal audit arrangements and the effectiveness of the response to issues identified by audit activity; and
5. to review relevant assessment reports and assurance reports to secure an understanding of improvements that could be made and best practice revealed by such reports. To provide necessary assurances to the Board, that in turn provides assurances to the Bar Council's Audit Committee.


A lay chair who must also be a Board member

A lay or barrister vice chair

Three other members who must not be Board members

Invited to attend: BSB Chair