The vocational component of Bar training is currently fulfilled by completion of the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC). At the moment, the BPTC may be taken once the academic component has been successfully completed. Following successful completion of the BPTC, and the qualifying sessions provided by their Inn, students may be called to the Bar and apply for work-based learning (pupillage). Contact:


1) The BPTC must be undertaken in its entirety. There are no partial waivers of the BPTC for prior learning or experience. However, exemption from the BPTC may be granted to those who have qualified in other jurisdictions, or as solicitors in England and Wales. Such exemption will usually be conditional on passing the Bar Transfer Test (see Part 2D (D4) of the Bar Qualification Manual).

2) The rules regarding exemption from any of the individual components of Bar training are set out in the BSB Handbook at Rules Q7-Q12.

3) More information for qualified lawyers who wish to transfer to the Bar of England and Wales can be found in Part 2D of the Bar Qualification Manual.

4) More information on exemptions relating to the academic component of Bar training can be found in Part 2A (A5) of the Bar Qualification Manual.

September 2019

• If you are currently on the BPTC, have yet to complete the course, or are planning to start the BPTC in September 2019, then you will have the opportunity to complete the course as normal, with three attempts at each assessment.

September 2020

 • From September 2020, new approved training pathways will replace the BPTC. The process of authorising education and training organisations to deliver the new pathways will commence in April 2019 and courses will be advertised as "subject to authorisation" during this process. More information about new approved pathways will be published in the Bar Qualification Manual in due course. Spring 2021

• If, after Spring 2021, you have extenuating circumstances which means you have to defer sitting one of the centralised assessments, then you may be affected by the transitional arrangements which we have put in place for centralised assessments.

• We have published a statement which sets out what the transitional arrangements will be for centralised assessments on our website. All current and prospective BPTC students should read this statement to find out how they may be affected.