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4J: Assessment of pupils and compulsory courses

This section includes information on the assessment of pupils throughout the work-based learning component (pupillage), secondments, and the compulsory courses to be completed during pupillage.

1. Using the Professional Statement to assess the competence of pupils

This section should be understood by AETOs, pupil supervisors and pupils. It covers the competences and standards that the BSB requires pupils to achieve and how they are assessed.

AETOs are required to assess pupils in line with the threshold standard and competences specified in the Professional Statement.
  1.1  The Professional Statement describes the knowledge skills and attributes that all barristers should have on “day one” of practice. The components of Bar training are designed to ensure that prospective barristers meet the threshold standards in the Professional Statement. It helps prospective barristers to understand the standards they need to meet, and it helps AETOs to understand what the outcomes of Bar training must be. 1.2  AETOs must assess their pupils in line with the threshold standard and competences specified in the Professional Statement. This is a change to the previous requirement ...

9B: Amendments

The Bar Qualification Manual was first published on 1 April 2019. An updated and reformatted version of the entire manual was published on 9 November 2020. The table below will include details of amendments made to the Bar Qualification Manual after 9 November 2020 by section number/page title and by date. Date Section Number and Page Title Details of Amendments 17/11/2020 Part 3D - Centralised Assessments Amended link at paragraph 3 to 2020 version of standard setting technique document. 14/12/2020 Part 7A - Types of transferring lawyers Added links to new online application for transferring qualified lawyers via MyBar (para 5). 17/12/2020   Part 7A - Types of transferring lawyers Added links to new online application guidelines and amended 'valid to' dates ...

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Guidance

New Anti-Money Laundering (AML) guidance in 2021

Anti-money laundering & counter-terrorist financing

Information for barristers, chambers and BSB entities about the anti-money laundering requirements.

Authorised Education and Training Organisations

This page contains information about Authorised Education and Training Organisations (AETOs) delivering the vocational (or integrated academic and vocational) component of Bar training, and the courses they deliver.

Authorisations Team Service Update

This page is updated weekly (or more frequently) to reflect changes to our service, including the volume of work being completed by the team.

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On this page, you can find links to publications we publish on a yearly basis. At the moment, there are two such reports; The BPTC Key Statistics Report; and the Diversity at the Bar Report. 

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5 December 2023

Bar Training 2023 - Statistics by course provider_final.pdf

Bar Training 2023 - Statistics by Course Provider

5 December 2023

Annual Report on Bar Training 2023_final.pdf

Annual Bar Training Report 2023

3B: Bar Training Syllabi

This section includes links to download the course syllabi for the Bar Training Course. 1  The Bar Training syllabi documents are for use by Bar Training students and AETOs, and Bar Transfer Test candidates. 2  If you have any questions about the syllabi documents, you should contact your AETO. Bar Training Civil Litigation Syllabus 2024 (Sep 2023 - White Book 2023 Version) and Tracked Changes version. Bar Training Criminal Litigation Syllabus 2024 (December 2023 - Blackstone's 2024 References Version) and Tracked Changes version Bar Training Criminal Litigation Syllabus 2024 (December 2023) Summary of changes

The Independent Decision-making Body

The Independent Decision-making Body (IDB) makes decisions about cases passed to the Investigations and Enforcement Department for investigation that may require disciplinary action.

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On this page, you can find details about our current vacancies.

List of licences for instructing barristers

This is where you can find organisations and individuals that can instruct barristers via the Licensed Access scheme.

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