8 Dec 2022

On 7 December 2022, in collaboration with its Disability Taskforce, the BSB held an event to hear from disabled barristers about their experiences navigating their careers at the Bar, the barriers that they have faced, and what factors have helped them to progress. The event was hosted by 7BR. The Taskforce shared its vision of how regulation might play a part in supporting a more disability aware and inclusive profession, and discussed examples of disability inclusion best practice across the profession. You can view the recording of the event on our YouTube channel.


During the event a short film was premiered, commissioned by the Taskforce and filmed by Taskforce member Mary Griffiths-Clark. It tells the stories of disabled people at different stages of their legal careers. The film is intended to encourage viewers to think about how they might increase the inclusion and retention of disabled people at the Bar. You can view the film on our website and YouTube channel, including a version with audio description.

A number of speakers contributed to the event, including practising and unregistered disabled barristers, such as Diane Lightfoot, Haleemah Farooq, Dr Gregory Burke, Daniel Holt and Christina Warner. One speaker, Mark Henderson, who is a member of Doughty Street Chambers, also recently authored a blog post for the Bar Council titled Tackling disability discrimination at the Bar and in courts.

The BSB is committed to promoting equality and diversity and access to justice at the Bar, with disability being a key area of focus, a commitment which has been reaffirmed through the BSB’s membership of the Business Disability Forum. The BSB believes that the Bar must seek to reflect the society which it serves and to harness diverse talent effectively. A Bar which comprises diverse lived experiences and perspectives strengthens the quality of service provided. Creating a more inclusive culture will help to ensure that people from the widest possible talent pool are able to join the profession and progress successfully.



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