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26 September 2023

Speech by Rupika Madhura BSB Director of Standards (Interim) at the Westminster Legal Policy Forum on 20 September 2023

Topic: The role of regulation in promoting equality, diversity and inclusion in the legal sector – regulatory requiremen...

27 October 2022

Professor Thomas KC Aminat Suleman Interview Transcript.pdf

Professor Leslie Thomas KC transcript

27 October 2022

Gisela Abbam Aminat Suleman Interview Transcript.pdf

Gisela Abbam FRSA MBA transcript

29 September 2022

BSB publishes Religion and Belief Toolkit

Press Release
28 September 2022

Religion and Belief Toolkit.pdf

External Policy/Guidance
5 September 2022

FINAL Terminology paper EAJ.pdf

BSB approach to racial terminology 2022

External Policy/Guidance