22 May 2024

Following on from the publication of its Anti-Racist Statement in 2020, the BSB has now launched its Anti-Racist Strategy covering the period 2024-2027. This new Strategy sets our internal commitment to anti-racism in how the BSB operates with its people, outlining how we intend to lead by example by setting and meeting high standards in our own approach.

In developing the Strategy, the BSB’s workforce were surveyed and focus groups were held. Based on the evidence obtained through this work, an internal Anti-Racist Working Group (ARWG) was formed co- chaired by Ewen Macleod (Director of Strategy and Policy) and Rupika Madhura (Director of Regulatory Standards – interim) along with colleagues across the organisation to recommend a strategy to the Senior Leadership Team and the BSB Board.

The BSB has developed a Year 1 Action Plan to sit alongside this Strategy and will monitor and evaluate progress through the formation of a new Anti-Racist Implementation Group. Progress will be communicated across the organisation throughout the year and at the conclusion of subsequent annual action plans.

Race Equality Taskforce member and Board sponsor for the Strategy, Professor Leslie Thomas KC said:

"As a member of the Bar Standards Board, I am proud to introduce our anti-racist strategy, a pivotal framework in our ongoing mission to ensure equity and inclusivity within the legal profession. We understand the profound importance of our role in regulating a profession that reflects the diverse tapestry of society. It is imperative that the BSB leads by example, embodying the values of diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our work.

Our anti-racist strategy is not merely a document; it is a declaration of our unwavering commitment to fostering a workplace environment within the profession where every individual feels valued, included, and empowered to contribute meaningfully. It signifies our dedication to proactively addressing systemic inequities and biases that may exist in the profession and the broader legal community.

With the publication of this strategy, we acknowledge our responsibility to translate words into tangible actions. We are accountable not only to ourselves but also to those we serve. We invite scrutiny, feedback, and collaboration as we endeavour to transform our aspirations into reality, creating a legal profession that truly serves the interests of all."

Commenting on the new Strategy, BSB Director General Mark Neale said:

“Our Anti-Racist Strategy is both a declaration and a commitment. The Strategy declares the determination of our Board and all our people to promote a diverse and inclusive workplace. And, with the publication of the strategy, there is now a commitment to action for which we fully expect to be held to account.”


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