1 Feb 2024

In August 2023 we announced that we were looking at ways to enable Bar training students who had commenced the vocational component from September 2020 onwards to take further re-sits of the assessments that are necessary to be called to the Bar, even if they had reached the maximum number of permitted re-sits for the academic award (such as a Postgraduate Diploma or LLM) at their original training provider. The BSB regulates the elements of training which lead to being called to the Bar but not the academic awards (such as Postgraduate Diploma or LLM) within which these elements may be embedded.

BPP ran a successful pilot for their own students in December 2023, and the opportunity is now open for all students from any provider to take further sits through BPP. This is on a non-award basis, ie successful completion of all required elements will enable students to be called to the Bar but they will not receive an academic award either from their original provider or from BPP. Students must have exhausted all assessment opportunities and appeals processes at their original provider before taking up this opportunity. For further information see here.


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