14 October 2019

Joint Advocacy Group statement on QASA registration timetable

16 April 2014

QASA registration timetable

The Civil Appeals Office has advised that they have listed the appellants' renewed application for permission to appeal the original decision of the Divisional Court to be heard on 9 May 2014. In the light of this information, the members of the Joint Advocacy Group have reviewed the registration timetable. The BSB, SRA and IPS remain committed to ensuring that all advocates who wish to undertake criminal advocacy are QASA registered by 31 December 2014. However, each regulator has decided to adopt a slightly different approach to the phasing of registration. These approaches are set out below:


The BSB has suspended the phasing of QASA registration pending the outcome of the hearing on 9 May 2014, after which the phasing timetable will be reviewed. All barristers who wish to undertake criminal advocacy remain required to register by 31 December 2014. 


The SRA will review the current registration timetable for solicitors once the Court has made a decision on the renewal application. The SRA will issue further information on registration requirements at this stage. Solicitors can find more information on the scheme at www.sra.org.uk/qasa or by emailing qasa@sra.org.uk


The closing date for CILEx advocates to register with IPS under the QASA scheme remains 30 May 2014, as previously notified to advocates. IPS will review the date after 9 May and will let advocates know whether it needs to change then.


For more information about QASA, please click here.

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