23 September 2019

Forensic Accounting: Launch of a new, online course for pupils and new practitioners

29 March 2016

In 2015, the BSB authorised BPP Professional Education to deliver an online Forensic Accounting course to pupils and new practitioners following a review of the face-to-face two day mandatory course.

The new course format enables delegates to complete the course at a pace according to their learning needs and practice demands. The online element means that time taken out of pupillage or practice is no longer a reality for delegates. The course is cost-effective, delivering a direct saving in a reduction of the cost of the course itself (compared to the face-to-face course), as well as additional savings met through no loss of earnings.

The course remains compulsory for barristers, either during pupillage or within the first three years of practice (the 'New Practitioners Programme').

This blended online learning programme will provide delegates with practical guidance in the use of financial information and accounts both corporate and individual. The world of forensic accounting will be explored by an experienced forensic accountant (who is also a practising barrister) giving, amongst other things, tools to analyse financial statements and ideas and tips to help cross examine an accounting expert.

The course was launched Tuesday, 29 March 2016 and replaces the old, face-to-face course. For further information about the course or to book availability, please visit the BBP website.