21 August 2019

BSB prepares to carry out interventions for ABSs

6 September 2016

The BSB has been approved by the Legal Services Board to become a licensing body for alternative business structures (ABSs). It plans to commence its authorisation this autumn. As part of the establishment of the framework that supports the regulation of ABSs, the BSB will gain the statutory power of intervention for ABSs. This will be used as a protective power in the public interest. To support the exercise of the power of intervention for ABSs, the BSB is seeking to contract with intervention agents. More information about our requirements of intervention agents is contained with the Invitation to Tender document.

The BSB has today issued an invitation to tender to suppliers with the knowledge, experience and capability to provide end-to-end intervention services within England and Wales. The deadline for receipt of tenders is 5pm on Friday, 30 September 2016.

See our invitation to tender here.

See further information for those invited to tender.