14 October 2019

BSB launches new survey for barristers about standard contractual terms

28 November 2014

The Bar Standards Board (BSB) has today launched a new survey for self-employed barristers and their clerks to provide information about the basis on which they are being instructed.

The survey is part of the BSB's recently launched review of standard contractual terms and the cab rank rule, which began with a call for evidence.

The aim of the survey is to gather evidence on the contractual basis on which barristers are being instructed and the frequency and basis on which the cab rank rule is being invoked.

A BSB spokesperson said: "We hope that as many barristers, and their clerks, as possible will take part in the survey because the results will help to inform any future regulatory decisions which we make. It is important that those decisions are based on the evidence. Help us to ensure that we have an accurate picture of that evidence by completing our short survey."

The survey can be completed quickly and anonymously and will remain open until 12 January 2015. It can be accessed online.


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