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Regulators issue consultation on minor changes to QASA

01 October 2015

Legal regulators Bar Standards Board (BSB), Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and CILEx Regulation, the three also known as the Joint Advocacy Group (JAG), are preparing for the implementation of the Quality Assurance Scheme for Advocates (QASA) by launching a new consultation today. 

QC to be disbarred following “cheating the public revenue” conviction

30 September 2015

A disciplinary tribunal ordered the disbarment of Rohan Pershad QC yesterday. This was following the BSB taking enforcement action in relation to his conviction for cheating the public revenue in February 2013, when he was sentenced to 42 months' imprisonment. 

Independent review shows Bar regulator’s complaints handling process is operating well

25 September 2015

The Bar Standards Board's complaints handling process is working well, according to a new report published today by the regulator's Independent Observer.

BSB statement on public access top-up training deadline

24 September 2015

An update about Public Access Top-Up Training: Due to last minute demand the deadline has been extended to 4 November

New board members for the Bar Standards Board, the regulator is proud to announce

02 September 2015

The Bar Standards Board (BSB) has today announced the appointment of three new board members. The new board members are: Judith Farbey QC; Naomi Ellenbogen QC; and Aidan Christie QC.

The BSB publishes Annual Report for 2014-15

31 July 2015

The Bar Standards Board (BSB) has now published its 2014-2015 Annual Report which outlines the significant progress it has made towards its strategic aims.

Disbarments now the most common outcome at Disciplinary Tribunal hearings

24 July 2015

For the first time, disbarment was the most common sanction imposed by Tribunal panels with 13 barristers being disbarred in 2014-15, according to the BSB's Enforcement Annual Report published today.

Regulator consults on what could be the most sweeping reforms to Bar training in a generation; keen to seek views from all

10 July 2015

Future barristers may be able to achieve their career aspirations by a number of different, more flexible pathways if some of the approaches being considered by the Bar Standards Board (BSB) are implemented.

Bar regulator consults on reforms to the disciplinary tribunal system

07 July 2015

In an open consultation, launched today, the bar regulator is seeking views on proposals to reform the disciplinary tribunal system.

Bar Tribunal arrangements nearing completion

26 June 2015

The first quarterly report for 2015 into the implementation of the 77 required recommendations contained in Browne Review shows that more than 90% of actions have been completed.

BSB statement on the QASA Supreme Court judgment

24 June 2015

BSB statement on today’s QASA Supreme Court judgment

Immigration barrister Michael Wainwright has been disbarred, confirms bar regulator

24 June 2015

Acting dishonestly towards a client has led to former immigration barrister Michael William Wainwright being disbarred with effect from today. This follows a finding by the Bar Tribunals and Adjudication Service (BTAS) that Mr Wainwright’s conduct lead to the client’s mother-in-law being deported.

Barristers best placed to chart their own CPD course, says Bar regulator

03 June 2015

Members of the Bar should be encouraged to take ownership of their own professional learning and development, the Bar Standards Board (BSB) has said. 

Regulator seeks new powers

11 May 2015

The BSB has said that it needs new statutory powers to step into barristers' failing chambers, companies and partnerships properly to protect the interests of clients where something has gone seriously wrong.

New demographic statistics published

27 April 2015

The barristers' regulator, the Bar Standards Board (BSB), has today published a new set of statistical data on the demographics of the Bar. The BSB hopes the new resource will help those who want to find out more about the profession.

“Professional Statement” could be the key to unlocking flexible routes to the Bar, says regulator

15 April 2015

Using a Professional Statement to define what a newly authorised barrister should be able to do from "day one" - the point of being issued a full practising certificate - could be the key to making qualification routes to the Bar more flexible and innovative, the BSB has said.

New legal services businesses now being authorised by regulator

08 April 2015

The BSB has approved 15 new businesses as it begins authorising BSB-regulated entities - companies or partnerships that provide advocacy, litigation, and expert legal advice services. 

BSB publishes its 2015/16 Business Plan and announces review of regulation of immigration advice and services

01 April 2015

BSB publishes its 2015/16 Business Plan and announces review of regulation of immigration advice and services

Barristers: interested in becoming a BSB member?

29 March 2015

The BSB seeks to appoint two barrister members

Regulator confirms minimum insurance terms for entities

24 March 2015

The BSB has published the minimum terms of the professional indemnity insurance that it expects BSB-regulated businesses ("entities") to have in place.

Non-practising barrister convicted of assault and fraud ordered to be disbarred from the profession

24 March 2015

An independent public disciplinary tribunal has ordered the disbarment of a barrister who had previous criminal convictions for fraud; a string of assault-related offences, including assaulting two police officers; and using threatening words and behaviour.

Barristers’ regulator asks QCA to consider QC re-accreditation

23 March 2015

The barristers' regulator, the Bar Standards Board (BSB), has formally asked that Queen's Counsel Appointments (QCA) considers developing a system of re-accrediting criminal silks. 

Barrister to be disbarred for causing “serious harm to the administration of justice”

23 February 2015

A disciplinary tribunal has ordered the disbarment of a barrister for causing "serious harm to the administration of justice".

Put barristers back in charge of pupillage, says bar training regulator

20 February 2015

Chambers and employers should be put back in charge of designing the pupillage experience for aspiring barristers, the Bar Standards Board (BSB) has said.

The BSB responds to the Supreme Court’s February 2015 decision on QASA

13 February 2015

The BSB responds to the Supreme Court's decision on QASA