From this page, you can download a copy of the Qualified Person Requirement Waiver Guidelines.

The Guidelines set out the information and documents required for our Qualified Person Requirement Waiver applications and the criteria we use to assess these applications.

Qualified Person Requirement Waiver Application Form

From this page, you can download a copy of our Qualified Person Requirement Waiver Application Form.

Application for a waiver of the qualified person requirement for barristers seeking to supply legal services to the public, exercise rights of audience, and/or exercise rights to conduct litigation, or for approval of alternative arrangements with an external qualified person. 
Application Fee - £165

Application Form

Application process

The assessment process takes between six and eight weeks, after all necessary information and fees are received.

In every case, we have the power to request further information or documents in support of an application, but it is the primary responsibility of the applicant to provide all relevant evidence. Applicants should not seek to rely on us to ask for it.

Failure to provide supporting documents may result in delays in assessing the application. Should you refuse to provide evidence when requested, we reserve the right to reject your application.

All applications and supporting documents will be treated with the strictest confidence


If you are unhappy with a decision made by the Authorisations Team you may request a review by the Independent Decision-making Body. Applications for review must be made within one month of the decision.