Past findings and future hearings

Past disciplinary findings


On this page, you can search findings that have been given by disciplinary tribunals since 2002. We post new findings within seven days of a decision, but it can take up to 24 hours after this for the finding to appear on the website (or for a finding to disappear from the website after it has been removed). 

We have a written policy about the publication of findings on this website. We will remove them after two years, unless the sentence involves a suspension, disbarment or removal of an authorised body's license to operate. In these cases, the finding will never be removed from this website.

However, you can ask for a barrister's full disciplinary record, which can include findings made before 2002, by contacting our Professional Conduct Department on 0207 611 1444. We can also give you with more information about individual cases.

You can also check the practising status of any barrister by calling the Bar Council Records Department on 020 7242 0934.

Reports of finding and sanction are also published on the Bar Tribunal and Adjudication Service's (BTAS) website.

Recent Determination by Consent reports can be found at this link.



You can enter a number of fields to narrow your search if you know what you are looking for, including:

  • name,
  • month and/or year of the finding,
  • sentence,
  • type of hearing, and
  • type of offence.

After searching, you can select the name of the barrister you want to find more information. This includes the finding's "status", which could be one of three options:

  • Open to Appeal - This means that this case is still within the 21 day period that an appeal can be made, but that no appeal has (yet) been submitted;
  • Appeal Pending - Sentence Stayed / Appeal Pending - This means that an appeal has been submitted, but that it has not yet been heard. Usually, the disciplinary tribunal's sentence takes place straight away, but sometimes the disciplinary tribunal will allow the sentence to be "stayed" (which means it does not take effect) until the result of the appeal is known.
  • Final - This means that the 21 day appeal period has run out or that the outcome of any appeal has been announced. 


Future hearings


Generally, anyone is able to attend disciplinary tribunal hearings, although in some cases an order may be made to make a particular hearing private.

You can find a calendar of future hearings on the  Bar Tribunals and Adjudication Service website. The calendar will tell you where and when the hearings are held, if you want to attend.

Usually, most hearings start at 10.30am and are held in:

The Tribunal Suite
Gray's Inn
First floor
9 Grays Inn Square
London, WC1R 5JF

Please view the map for a map of the above address.

There is limited space at the hearings, so we encourage you to reserve a space by calling the Bar Tribunals and Adjudication Service on 0203 432 7350 or by emailing

Hearings can be cancelled or postponed at short notice. If you wish to attend, you should contact the Bar Tribunals and Adjudication Service the day before the hearing to make sure that it is still going ahead that day.


More information


All enquiries from members of the press should be made to the our Press Office on 0207 611 1452.