16 Oct 2020

Unregistered barrister, Felix Evans, was prohibited from obtaining a practising certificate for three years by an independent disciplinary tribunal on 12 October 2020 following charges of professional misconduct brought by the Bar Standards Board (BSB).

The order preventing Mr Evans from practising as a barrister follows his conviction in 2018 for inflicting grievous bodily harm to another person in 2017.

The tribunal found that Mr Evans’ actions were likely to diminish the trust and confidence which the public place on him or in the profession. It also fined Mr Evans £2,000 for failing to report the matter promptly to the BSB.

Commenting on the order, a BSB spokesperson said: “The tribunal’s decision to prevent Mr Evans from practising for three years serves as reminder to anyone called to the Bar in England and Wales that they remain subject to our rules about the standards expected of barristers even when they do not practise.”

The tribunal’s decision is open to appeal.


Notes to editors

About Felix Evans

Felix Evans was called to the Bar of England and Wales by Inner Temple in July 2014.

Unregistered barristers

An unregistered barrister is an individual who has been called to the Bar of England and Wales but does not currently hold a practising certificate. There are a number of reasons why a barrister might not hold a practising certificate, including retirement, a career break, pursuing an alternative occupation, or never having completed the period of work-based learning known as pupillage which would make them eligible to apply for a practising certificate. In some cases, barristers are prevented from being issued with a practising certificate by a disciplinary tribunal. This arises where there is no practising certificate to suspend but still stops the individual from being able to practise as a barrister.

About disciplinary tribunals

The appointment, operation, and decisions (including sentencing) of disciplinary tribunal panels are performed by the Bar Tribunals and Adjudication Service (BTAS). BTAS is run independently of the Bar Standards Board, the barristers' regulator. The BSB is responsible for bringing charges of professional misconduct against barristers, which BTAS tribunal panels then adjudicate. The sanctions imposed are a matter for the tribunal having regard to the facts of the individual case and the BTAS Sanctions Guidance which is endorsed by the Council of the Inns of Court.

About the Bar Standards Board

Our mission is to regulate barristers and specialised legal services businesses in England and Wales in the public interest. For more information about what we do visit: http://bit.ly/1gwui8t

Contact: For all media enquiries call: 0207 611 4691 or email press@barstandardsboard.org.uk.


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