1 Nov 2023

On 5 May the BSB announced that we had taken the decision to cease to permit the use of online assessment delivery platforms by Bar training providers in any country from August 2023. Having consulted with various stakeholders and having received clear evidence of cheating which has been scrutinised by information security experts, we have now decided that that suspension of online exams by Bar training providers will now remain in place for the foreseeable future. 

Thus, written examinations, including the centralised assessments, may be taken in the UK only by pen and paper and only at the training providers’ invigilated examination halls. Overseas written examinations may be taken only by pen and paper and only at British Council venues (or exceptionally at approved venues authorised by the BSB).

This decision does not affect the provision of reasonable adjustments for students whose needs are specified in documented learning agreements with their providers stipulating that adjustments are necessary. The decision also does not affect the ability of students who have not previously needed a learning agreement to work with their provider to implement one.

This decision does not change the way that Bar courses are otherwise delivered by the course providers.


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