4 Mar 2022

We have been asked whether barristers who are not registered as public access practitioners can nevertheless give direct pro bono immigration advice to Ukrainians, for example through this website - https://advice-ukraine.co.uk/ or by emailing projectu@dlapiper.com.

In the very exceptional circumstances of the current war in Ukraine, the Bar Standards Board is hereby granting an immediate exemption from the requirement to be licensed under the Public Access Rules (Rules C120.1 and C121) to barristers wishing to provide pro bono services to Ukrainians.  Barristers are entitled to rely on their status as a barrister to comply with section 84 of the Immigration & Asylum Act 1999 (which regulates the provision of immigration advice).

If barristers do wish to offer pro bono advice, they should of course satisfy themselves that they are competent to give advice in this area.  We understand that an advice sheet with information on the relevant law will be provided.

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